Take Action to Protect Nurses

The registered nurses who lost their lives to COVID-19 were forced to take critical risks without adequate protection during a crisis fueled by corporate greed and government failure.

Nurses across the country report that they are not receiving the proper staffing, personal protective equipment (PPE), education, and communication from their employers, or isolation rooms they need to safely care for COVID-19 patients.

Nurses caring for COVID-19 patients should have a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR), the highest level of protection. But employers are not even providing the N95 respirator, which is the minimum protection required to face a novel virus like this one.

Currently, many hospital administrators are placing N95 respirators under lock and key. They tell nurses to wear loose-fitting surgical masks instead of respirators, claiming that surgical masks are safe. They hope that nurses, trained professionals with science degrees, will believe these lies.

We know this shortage was caused by lack of preparation, unwillingness to pay for protective equipment, and willful ignorance in the interest of profit.

Nurses are in danger every single day, and the White House has refused to act. That’s why we’re calling on Congress to urgently step in.

We are heartbroken by these deaths. But we are also angry, and we recognize our collective power. We stand united to demand the protections nurses and all health care workers deserve, to honor nurses who have died, and to honor and protect nurses who are risking their lives on the front lines, every day.

Take action with us to demand Congress take action to get nurses the personal protective equipment we deserve: